CanDendro Dendrochronology Collections in Canada

Below is a Google Earth *.kmz file.  By downloading the file and opening it into your copy of Google Earth,
 you will be able to view a file of selected Canadian dendrochronology sites across Canada and nearby regions.  
Once you have uploaded the file into your Google Earth copy, simply view any placemark you wish,
 and click on it to display the meta-data about the location.

Please send any comments to the CanDendro forum or to Colin Laroque.  Cheers, Colin.

Download the  file here:     Candendro.kmz
To download the file to your computer by using Netscape or Explorer, right click the file, and "save link as" or " save target as"

If you do not currently use Google Earth but would like to download the free software follow this link... Google Earth

Images of collections across the country



British Columbia Vancouver Island
Southern BC
Northern BC
Alberta Southern AB
Northern AB
Saskatchewan Southern SK
Northern SK
Manitoba Southern MB
Northern MB
Ontario Western ON
Eastern ON
Quebec Southern QC
Northern QC
New Brunswick Southern NB
Northern NB
Prince Edward Island PEI
Nova Scotia Southern NS
Cape Breton
Newfoundland and Labrador Newfoundland
Yukon Yukon
Northwest Territories NWT
Nunavut Nunavut
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